Pegasus 1.0 and 2.0

The Pegasus concept started from a merge of 7 master projects during the academic years of 2007-2008 and 2008-2009. These projects were an initiative from 14 master students in electromechanics and electronics from the International Highschool of Group T in Louvain. The goal was to build on one side an intelligent flexi-fuel multi-point injection system for a Citroën 2CV and on the other side a hybrid drivetrain so that the car would be able to cover short city trajectories with an electric motor. Both goals were successfully achieved.

The next goal was to convert the car to run on E85 fuel and participate in a 24h endurance race on the Francorchamps track. After the necessary research and adjustments Pegasus was ready for his first race in 2010, the car finished the race but due to some technical problems with both the engine and the hybrid drivetrain the car ended last in class. But the team showed that it was possible to build and use a hybrid drivetrain and run an old engine on bio-ethanol.

Pegasus 1.0:

The new team started working during the summer of 2011 and decided to participate again in the 24h race of 2011. The new target was to end on the podium with the new car and be very competitive in comparison with the other professional racing teams. To achieve these targets the team had to modify the engine and increase the default power output of 23bhp to 55bhp, we also had to remove the hybrid drivetrain as it was to heavy and not reliable enough to participate in endurance races. In October 2011 the team participated for the second time in the 24h race and ended 2nd in class and midfield overall.
After the great success we had in our second 24h race we decided to participate in the entire 2CV championship of 2012, this championship consists of 5 races in Belgium and France on 4 different race tracks.

We’ve put our next goal very high, end first in class and top 10 overall. To be able to do this we started building a Pegasus 2.0, this car would have been more powerful, even more reliable, have a complete data logging system and a CAN bus link between the onboard computer and the digital dashboard.

Pegasus 2.0 was almost ready to participate in the first race of the season, a 5h endurance race on the beautiful track of Spa-Francorchamps. But monday night, the 13th of February 2012, a fire completely destroyed our workshop, cars, tools and offices.

Pegasus 2.0:

After this fire the team was devastated but decided to not give up and start building a new race car: Pegasus 3.0.