The Odyssee concept emerged from the VDS Group T Team, the Flemish representation of the international Vehicle Design Summit university network. It was a initiative started by 11 master student electromechanics of the International High school Group T in Leuven. Our target was to develop an innovative electric drivetrain that is compatible with any vehicle.

The development of this durable drivetrain should not have been possible without the support of different companies, universities and governmental instances.

Development of an electric drivetrain
We designed and optimized an electric drivetrain. The development and testing of an innovative electric motor, a switched reluctance motor (=SRM) was one of the key points.

Integration in a donor vehicle
One of the other key points was the integration of the different components, the batteries, SRM, transmission system and a efficient control of all these parts. During the design phase we’ve focussed on durable, reliability and efficiency. After this phase we integrated everything in a Citroen 2CV, this car was converted in the Odyssee. The Odyssee was the first test case for our drivetrain.

Monday night, the 13th of February 2012, a fire completely destroyed our workshop, cars, tools and offices.