CQS Recruitment

Thanks for the interest in the CQS Group T Racing Team!

You're invited on April 18th in room V12.05 for an info session on the CQS Group T Racing Team, the fastest race team on Group T.
And Wednesday 24th you can test your skills during a timed tyre change pitstop on our Pegasus in front of Group T. The fastest team will be invited for a couple of free karting sessions.

We're a student team who design and build a Citro├źn 2CV which runs (surprisingly fast) on E85. Bio-composites, sandwich structure materials and special surface treatments are a couple of ingenious solutions which will be extensively tested during races like the 24h02CV in Spa-Francorchamps in October. Our next race will be on May 5th in Mettet.

Next year we're especially in search for students with following interests:

Designing en building a wireless communication and data-logging system. We need real time information on most of the sensors and those numbers should be plotted together with the GPS location of our car on a map.

Some interesting topics are the optimization of the car's aerodynamics, simulation and improving the exhaust gas system, design and build a high performance brakes, ...

Develop and produce a new fuel mixture based on bio-ethanol. This new mixture will first be tested on power and torque on a dyno, and afterwards during an endurance race.

More info and a comprehensive list of example topics can be found on our website.