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The 2CV racing season is more or less half way and the students of CQS Group T Racing Team have already participated in two races. The Trophée des Fagnes in April and the Trophée de Mettet in May. It were tough moments for the race car Pegasus, but she did well and became two times first in her class Experimental. Now the students have withdrawn from the racing competition in order to prepare well for the June exams. They will be back for the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps in October.

The CQS Group T Racing Team is no ordinary project between several colleges and universities. The competition consists of professional racing teams who have been in the racing world for many of years. . In the pit boxes we are warmly received as a student’s team, but once on the circuit the rivalry increases more and more.


Without the support of all our partners this project would not be possible. Therefore we are very grateful. We are also always looking for new partners. Future partners and supporters can always contact us and ask for the sponsor opportunities. Supporters who like to support us in a financial way can always buy a Lap to help Pegasus do a lap on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps.


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The new splitter: making of

As you might know, during the last race in Mettet, another car crashed into the front of Pegasus and our splitter and the hood were badly damaged.

In July 2014, the CQS Group Racing Team made a new splitter. It is made out of a core of EconCore, covered with layers of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is for a lightweight construction and the core of EconCore adds stiffness. The new splitter is bigger than the old one to cover a larger part of the bottom of the car to improve aerodynamics.

The new splitter: making of

Making this splitter wouldn’t be possible with the help of our partner EconCore, who delivered the light but stiff core for the splitter.

Trophée de Mettet: Second race, Second Cup

The second race of the 2CV RT competition was the Trophée de Mettet and hence this was the second race for the CQS Group T Racing team of the 2014 season. You want to know the whole story? You can find it behind the button which tells you what you want: MORE!

Trophée de Mettet

This sunday, 25th of may, the CQS Group T Racing Team will be present at the second race of the season to defend last years class victory in Mettet. Pegasus is now equipped with a new gearbox and the brake system has been improved according to the track characteristics. We welcome you to take a look at the track this sunday and support the team in this competition. The Race will start at 1 PM and the finish flag will fall at 6 PM.