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A new academic year has started and it took a lot of changes with it. The CQS Group Racing project is now part of KU Leuven and therefore the name has slightly changed to CQS Group Racing Team KU Leuven. With the new name and logo, we participated in our last race of the 2014 2CV championship: the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps on October 11 and 12. The full story of the weekend appears on our blog below.

In the meantime the team is enlarged by five new members who will continue the project. As freshmen, they will make sure Pegasus keeps developing and our new car Xenos will soon race its first lap on the track. More about Xenos will appear soon!




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24H02CV: A seasons ending full of surprises

October 12th, 2014. 17h02. The end of the last race is a fact. After a turbulent race with gearbox and engine problems, a 9 hour pause and a lot of hard work from a tight team, Pegasus finished once again and the third podium in three races is a fact! To know all details, click the button below and read the summary of this exciting race (dutch).

Car presentation and Drivers line-up

Thursday September 18, CQS Group Racing Team showed their renewed Pegasus and the new Xenos for the first time to the partners and friends. Together with the cars, the drivers for the upcoming 24-hour race were presented as was explained the new "CQS Group Racing Team KU Leuven" team name. Special thanks goes to Golflife Center Sterrebeek who set their facilities and bar available to us for our event.

The respray of Pegasus

The CQS Group Racing Team is preparing Pegasus for his next 24H02CV endurance race at Spa-Francorchamps. Next to the mechanical and technological improvements, we also performed an esthetical upgrade. During the last weekend, the whole car and all different body parts were stripped, scrubbed and repainted. The result of all this work is shown on the pictures below. Thanks to CQS Group Tienen for the facilities and Brezan Automaterialen for the paint! Next are the new sticker design and all the logos. We will keep you up to date!